Everyone knows marketing is crucial. Adding it to the budget is a no-brainer, but where to do you throw your hard-earned dollars when starting out? Starting a new business is never easy but with a few easy steps, you can get a little more bang for your buck, instead of throwing money into the wind. Sales and marketing area closely linked, but it’s important your marketing doesn’t become to “sales-pitchy”. You may have a great product, but getting the word out is the key, we’re here to help.


  1. Benefit. What is the benefit of your product? You have to be careful of “selling” yourself verses “marketing” yourself.  Comparing your product to another, regardless of whether it’s a better cost, or a nicer quality- can come off as a sales pitch. When marketing make sure you’re displaying the benefit of the product a delicate combination of the two; the customer wants the better value, even an “experience”. The rest will come.
  2. Get Ahead. Market your product BEFORE it’s ready. What?! Sounds scary doesn’t it? Trust us, you want to create a buzz before you put the finished product out there. Start your marketing campaign early to create brand awareness.
  3. Social Media & Online Marketing. Yep, the name of the game has changed. Social media is a crucial marketing platform now. The good news- most of it is free to start an account. Take advantage of it.  Trends come and go in the social media circles, be sure to follow all the new trends and apps. Blogs, online marketing, competitions, and content marketing are just some of the tricks of the trade to get your brand in front of the customer.
  4. Measure the results. Putting all of the aforementioned to work for you is important, but make sure you’re able to record the results. Set up verbiage to track conversations from various campaigns. Make each one individual, and keep the initial campaigns specific so you can see which are working for you. Be sure to keep an eye on social platforms as well, most will have ways to record your promotions and see which ones were a hit. Stick with what works, and get rid of the others.
  5. Get out there. PR is key. Find industry professionals, and get your name out there. It can be as simple as a local newspaper. Get a journalist to feature an article about the new start up, get on the radio, use some of the classic marketing resources. Get your brand heard. Have a specialist in the field using your product? Get them to try it out, review the product. Having their name appear on your website or other avenues will only build credibility.


Of course, there are a million different ways to improve your startup. These are just a few simple steps to getting your brand out there. Creating a brand is the fun part, with a little marketing work, and help from your marketing team at Stand, you can really make a name for yourself.